Turboden launches the new Service Tool 16.7

Turboden is pleased to announce the launch of the 16.7 call center service, a new tool with which customers can receive assistance for a longer period and especially during the weekends and public holidays *. In particular, the service aims to guarantee remote support to guide customers towards the resolution of the problems. The Service Engineers available help customers during the restart of the turbogenerator or during analysis and reading of alarms, in order to reduce as much as possible the plant shutdown and loss of production of electrical energy. Turboden 16.7 is a service reserved for more than 200 customers who already have an active maintenance contract.

Customers who want to activate the new service, they can write an email to or to or sending directly to Turboden the following format.

P.S. Special conditions will be applied for customers who join before 30.11.2013. Your prompt order of the service in fact will allow us to structure quickly an adequate Team.

Heat Recovery Potential in Steel Industry

Turboden, within the European project HREII DEMO, realizes a policy paper presenting the heat recovery potential in steel industry. Already proposed by the European Commission in the Steel Action Plan, the heat recovery represents a solution for energy efficiency and sustainability of the industrial process, contributing positively to the competitiveness of the steel industry.

The paper has attracted the attention of several influential organizations working on energy efficiency:

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Turboden is proud to announce that its Quality Management Systems got certified to ISO 9001:2008.

MHI Completes Acquisition of Turboden

MHI completes acquisition of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (now PW Power Systems, Inc.), the small and medium-size gas turbine business unit of Pratt & Whitney (P&W), and of the affiliate of PWPS Turboden S.r.l., Italian manufacturer of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbines.
Turboden S.r.l. and PW Power Systems, Inc. are now Mitsubishi Heavy Industries group companies, with whom MHI will be able to provide a wider range of products and services for thermal power generation systems.

Turboden ORC solutions for Russia

Russia growing demand for energy efficiency and for distributed power generation with renewable sources is being satisfied every day more with Turboden ORC solutions.
Turboden ORC systems have already been chosen by prestigious clients, both in biomass and in heat recovery applications for several plants in Russia due to the high reliability and minimum running costs assured by Turboden.

“We expect to develop our presence in this attractive country for years to come, thanks to our technology, that lends itself to this new scenario” – said Paolo Bertuzzi, General Manager of Turboden.

The first Turboden order from Russia arrived in 2010, for an innovative project by LUKOIL. A Turboden 18 CHP unit is installed in a first of its kind application, for heat recovery from the associated gas coming from Oil Extraction through controlled combustion (instead of flaring). The plant generates both Heat & Power: the hot water is used to warm up the extracted oil; the electric power is used in the extraction station.
The ORC turbogenerator produces 1,800 kW of electric power.

Two more Turboden contracts for GAZPROM projects were obtained in 2012 working with Polykraft :
• The first is a typical biomass installation equipped with a TURBODEN 14 CHP. It is a cogenerative unit that produces electric power together with heat, used for district heating. The module will be installed in Severoonezhsk (Arkhangelsk Region) with start -up within 2013. The ORC coupled with a thermal oil boiler will produce about 1,200 kWe.

• The second plant, installed in the Moscow region, is a TURBODEN 10 HR. The ORC heat recovery unit is coupled with five MTU engines, 2 MWe each. The exhaust gas of these engines will be conveyed with thermal oil to the ORC module. The ORC module will be shipped in April.

A further example of Turboden biomass solutions is the CHP ORC plant to be installed in the north of Russia at Tolka (Yamal-Nenets region) by Zvezda Energetika. The project foresees the construction of a cogenerative power plant to supply the thermal and the electrical power for the wood factory of “Yamal LPK” in Tolka. The plant will be composed of two 1 MWe ORC modules supplied by Turboden. The start-up date of the plant is scheduled in the first half of 2014.

Turboden, with a track record of more than 200 of projects all over Europe of unsurpassed reliability at minimum running costs, is proud to cooperate to the growth of distributed power generation in Russia.

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