20th European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

18-22 June, Milano Convention Center.
"With this event, we will continue the biomass specialist's role as the leading technical platform covering all aspects of biomass from research to industry and markets.
We also continue the industrial exhibition that brings biomass scientist and engineers together with the biomass industry." Turboden takes part with a speech of Alessandro Guercio about the application of the ORC technology to the pellet industry.

Trigeneration for large buildings

BSkyB Headquarter and London Heathrow airport generate combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP) from biomass Turboden ORC unit.

First Plant in Slovenia

In Crnomelj will arise the first ORC Turboden plant on the Slovenian territory. We speak about a cogenerative model from 1MWel (4MWth) fed by biomass.
The client is a manufacturer of unfinished wood material, who will take advantage of heat to feed the drying chambers of timber, inside its own productive process and will sell the electric power to the national network with incentivated fee (feed-in tariff of about 0,225 €/kWh for biomass plants under 1MWe).

7 ORC plants in Latvia in less than one year

They are co-generative plants feed with biomass in the range size of 600kWe and 2MWe.
Among the 7 plants, which will be installed, 4 of these will take advantage of the produced thermal energy for the district heating of 4 cities (Saldus, Gulbene, Kuldiga and Riga), 2 plants will produce electrical and thermal energy for the manufacturing processes in the wood industry field (Madonas Novads, Saldus); finally an ORC Turboden module will be installed both for the wood industry field and the supply of heat for district heating net of Jekabpils.

Clean, green bio energy plant to be a cost-saver at Nechako Lumber sawmill

Italian manufacturer Turboden will be shipping a unit like this to the mill in Vanderhoof, northern B.C. It’s the first of its kind to be installed in North America.

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