7 ORC plants in Latvia in less than one year

They are co-generative plants feed with biomass in the range size of 600kWe and 2MWe.
Among the 7 plants, which will be installed, 4 of these will take advantage of the produced thermal energy for the district heating of 4 cities (Saldus, Gulbene, Kuldiga and Riga), 2 plants will produce electrical and thermal energy for the manufacturing processes in the wood industry field (Madonas Novads, Saldus); finally an ORC Turboden module will be installed both for the wood industry field and the supply of heat for district heating net of Jekabpils.

Clean, green bio energy plant to be a cost-saver at Nechako Lumber sawmill

Italian manufacturer Turboden will be shipping a unit like this to the mill in Vanderhoof, northern B.C. It’s the first of its kind to be installed in North America.

First Turboden CHP ORC unit in Romania

Sortilemn, the Romaniana Wood industry and one of the main supplier of Ikea, chooses Turboden to generate heat and power from biomass. The Turboden ORC unit that will be installed by Sortilemn in Gherla, closed to Cluj-Napoca, will generate 1.4MWe and about 5.3MWth.
Heat will be used for wood process treatment and electricity will be delivered to the grid.
Heat consumers inside Sortilemn factory are veener dryer, wood presses, tunnel for boiling logs, timber dryer (drying kilns). Start-up is expected in the 2nd quarter 2012.

First ORC in Denmark

First ORC for biomass application in Denmark for the municipality Marstal Fjernvarme, that is pioneer in the field of renewable thanks to the biggest solar plant in Europe that produce heat for a district heating system of about 1460 users.
The ORC unit will be integrated to the existing solar plant to provide heat (3,2MWth) and power (700kWel).
Marstal District Heating has, through the EU's 7th program, received pledges of support for a project called SUNSTORE 4 and is along with 10 other European projects selected to be a part of the so called “EU flag projects”.
Besides the fact that Marstal District Heating has received grants for expansion of the current solar installations, the EU has also given grants to disseminate the knowledge, gained through the SUNSTORE 4 project into Europe. The aim of the project is to demonstrate a large scale innovative, cost-effective and technically 100 % sustainable renewable energy system.EURO THERM A/S and Turboden are collaborating in delivering a total biomass CHP solution, each one providing respectively all the heating and cogeneration part, for Marstal Fjernvarme project. The expected start up of the plant is in the 1st quarter.
Dall Energy is the official Turboden representative for biomass applications in Denmark (

Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

Turboden’s project H-REII - Heat Recovery in Energy Intensive Industries (, has been endorsed by the European Commission's Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign as an Official Partner.

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