Turboden at CanBio Annual National Bioenergy Conference

September 30 - October 1, 2010 by the Sheraton Wall Centre – Vancouver, British Columbia.
It’s The 'must do' Canadian biomass event regarding Business Models that work in Canada and Bioenergy Innovation.
Turboden takes part to the conference into the section “Small Heat and Power that works”, Thursday September 30 10:45 a.m., with the speech "ORC-90 Small Heat/power Installations in Europe" hold by Ing. Daniel Theuer.
CanBio is a national, industry-driven, non-profit organization of individuals, businesses and non-governmental organizations interested in the development, promotion and use of bioenergy, whose mission is to promote utilization of sustainable biomass for the production of bio-fuels, heat and power.

Wärtsilä selectsTurboden to jointly develop a marine ORC

Turboden and Wärtsilä sign agreement to launch Wärtsilä Marine ECC
Industry leaders announce the introduction of Organic Rankine Cycle technology to the marine market with its Wärtsilä Marine ECC product. This innovation obtains improved energy efficiency and lower fuel consumption, thereby reducing both operating costs and exhaust emissions.

First Turboden unit in Croatia!

First Turboden unit in Croatia thanks to the Incentives!
Thanks to the approval of the incentives for plants that produce electric power from solid biomass, with sizes under 1MWe (feed in tariff 1,20 kn/kWh, about 0,18 €/kWh), Turboden starts entering the Croatian market
It’s a cogenerative 1MWe Turboden unit, which will be installed by a company producing pellets, located in Udbina. The plant is composed of a thermal oil boiler fed by biomass, an ORC unit for the production of electric power and hot water and one belt dryer, able to produce about 4 t/h of pellets
The start up is scheduled for mid-2011.

5MW Geothermal ORC plant in Bavaria, Germany

The geothermal plant is a 5MWe ORC turbogenerator based on a two pressure level cycle, fed with geothermal fluid at 140°C (284°F) and cooled by air condensers. The plant will provide the existing district heating network, which is already fed by a 600kWe Turboden biomass unit - with additional 4MW thermal power (4000 MWhth/yr).

In memory of Gianfranco Angelino, pioneer of Organic Rankine Cycle in Italy

Turboden expresses deepest sympathies to the family over the death of Prof. Gianfranco Angelino, who played a decisive role in the development of studies on the Organic Rankine Cycle in Italy. In the late sixties Gianfranco, Professor at the Politecnico di Milano, created a research group on the Organic Rankine Cycle of which he and Mario Gaia, the founder of Turboden, were members. In addition to having created the original research group, Gianfranco was also scientific advisor to Turboden who made an important contribution to the development of ORC technology within the company. Alongside his scientific prestige, it’s also necessary to mention his great work of art in wood carving, for which he won many international awards.

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