H-REII project

Policy and governance actions project to reduce CO2 emissions by energy valorization of process effluents in Energy Intensive Industries.

Turboden at Hannover Messe

From 19th to 23rd April in Hannover, hall 13 booth 25A

First heat recovery Turboden plant in Canada

Turboden receives the first order for an ORC unit to be installed in North America.The ORC turbogenerator is also the first Turboden unit in a heat recovery system downstream of a gas turbine. In this installation, the waste heat from the turbine exhaust gas is recovered in a heat recovery boiler and transformed into electrical energy by the Turboden ORC turbogenerator.

Turboden: 30 years of renewable energy

A pioneer of green energy, the firm based in Brescia, celebrates its 30th Anniversary:an Italian success story made of passion and innovation


The potential of Europe’s geothermal resources.
Turboden presents the topic “Advances in binary technology for low temperature resource development” highlighting the geothermal solutions offered by Turboden, which are enhanced thanks to the synergy with Pratt & Whitney Power Systems. This synergy refers to modularity (factory assembled systems), which ensures short lead times (6 months), custom-made solutions for bigger plants (over 1 MW), as well as new projects around 6 to 30 MW, which are being developed for the US, South East Asian, European, and Australian markets.

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