Turboden video "Heat Recovery system with ORC technology for CRH cement plant"

Watch the new video about heat recovery application for CRH cement plant using Organic Rankine Cycle technology!

Alessandro Piubelli interviewed by ThinkGeoEnergy at Soultz-sous-Forets geothermal powerplant

Alessandro Piubelli, Turboden Automation, Commissioning, Service & Aftersales Director, has been interviewed by Alexander Richter, founder of ThinkGeoEnergy, during the site visit at Soultz-sous-Forets plant, organized by EGEC for EGC2016 event. Alessandro Piubelli talks about the newly started geothermal plant built by Turboden. Read the interview!

Turboden launches Steam & Power

Steam & Power (ST&P) ORC is a new technological solution for Combined Heat & Power (CHP) generation. It allows the cogeneration of electricity and medium pressure steam, using natural gas as fuel, with a very high overall energy efficiency.
The innovation principle of Steam & Power ORC is the temperature level of the ORC cycle.
Steam & Power ORC comes from the technological coupling of the Turboden, pioneer of ORC solution and Bono Sistemi, experience in high temperature gas fired boiler manufacturing.

Turboden Steam & Power (ST&P) ORC Cogeneration: new video now available!

Watch the new video about Steam & Power (ST&P) ORC , a new Cogeneration system for manufacturing processes designed for steam & power production.

Turboden at Italian Day

Next Friday 10th June Marco Baresi, Turboden’s Institutional Relations Manager, will attend the Italian Day organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). The event will have both a sectoral and a regional focus, with presentations from EBRD Managing Directors. The sectors that will be covered are: energy, infrastructure/transport and agribusiness. As for the regions of interest, the focus will be on South-Eastern Mediterranean (Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt), Ukraine and Caucasus, Turkey and Central Asia.

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