Italcogen at EU-ASE dinner debate with Maroš Šefčovič

Brussels, January 14th 2016.
Marco Baresi, Institutional Relations Manager of Turboden and Vice-President of Italcogen, took part in the dinner debate organized by the European Alliance to Save Energy (EU-ASE) Association together with a restricted group of business actors representing the EU industrial sectors.

The event saw the presence as honored guest of Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of the European Commission for the Energy Union, who stressed the central role that energy efficiency can play in the EU energy system.

In the aftermath of the Paris Agreement at COP21 where the EU reiterated its commitment to achieve its 40% energy efficiency target by 2030, 2016 looks like a significant year for energy efficiency with a view also to the planned revision of key European directives for this sector.

This is a unique opportunity EU and Italian industry cannot afford to miss.

COGEN Europe appoints Roberto Francia as new Managing Director

Marco Baresi, Turboden Institutional Relations & Public Private Funding Manager and Italcogen Vice President, is pleased to announce the nomination of Roberto Francia as the new Managing Director of COGEN Europe, the European Association for the promotion of cogeneration.

2015 is a key year for Italy in energy efficiency contents at European level. After the acknowledgement of the prize “COGEN Europe Recognition Awards”, within the White Certificates incentive scheme, collected on May 19th 2015 by a group of representatives of Italcogen and presented to the Minister of Economic Development Federica Guidi, in Bruxelles; Roberto Francia, who has been active in the sector of energy policies in Europe since many years, is honored by the nomination for the Managing Director position in COGEN Europe.

“We congratulate our new director for the recent nomination; wish that he can strengthen the impact of the Italian industry, and supply us with other incentives for a greater responsibility of Italcogen in Europe, by expressing energy and environment policies” says Marco Golinelli, Italcogen President and member of COGEN Europe Board of Directors.

Turboden biomass unit uses oat husks to reduce emissions in Australia promotes the start-up of Turboden biomass plant in Wagin, Western Australia, where oat husk is being used to generate heat and power in an oat mill to reduce operating costs and emissions. Read the news!

Turboden Managing Director & CEO interview about geothermal market given to Geopower Heat & Summit

Find out Turboden CEO interview given to Geopower Heat & Summit! Turboden will be Diamond Sponsor at this geothermal event, that will be held in Istanbul, December 1-2. Read the interview!

Turboden has adopted the Code of Ethics and Organizational Model pursuant to Italian Leg. Dec. 231/01

Pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/01, which introduced into Italian law system an “administrative liability” of legal entities, Turboden decided to create its own Organization, Management & Control Model, as an effective tool to prevent the risk of crime commission by individuals who act on behalf of the Company and to aid the business management creating and protecting the value of the Company.

A corporate Code of Ethics has also been adopted and is part of the Organizational Model. It contains the ethical principles that must inspire the daily behaviour in business and corporate activities, for the reliability and positive reputation of the Company.

By adopting the Model, the Board of Directors has also appointed the Supervisory Body (“Organismo di Vigilanza”) pursuant to Leg. Dec. 231/01 to monitor the effective implementation, observance and adequacy of the Organizational Model.

Turboden invites You all to comply with all applicable laws, rules and principles described into the Model and in the Code of Ethics and to report to the Supervisory Body (“Organismo di Vigilanza”) any violations or non-compliant behaviours that You may detect, by using the following email address:

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