Turboden is seeking to apply ORC technology to projects as large as 100 MW

Joseph Bonafin, Turboden Sales Area Manager, talks about Turboden future geothermal projects and presence in Turkey in an interview published by Global Business Reports. Read the interview!

World’s first EAF waste heat recovery plant with cogeneration based on Organic Rankine Cycle technology

In 2012, Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi (ESF) installed the world’s first EAF waste heat recovery plant with cogeneration based on organic Rankine cycle (ORC) technology.
In Iron & Steel Technology May issue, T. Bause (Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH), F. Campana (Turboden Srl), L. Filippini (General Engineering Srl), A. Foresti (Turboden Srl), N. Monti (Tenova SpA) and T. Pelz (Elbe-Stahlwerke Feralpi GmbH) explain the background for the investment and the technological choices of this project, along with project milestones, commissioning and first operational results. Read the article!

Consul of Melbourne meets Prof. Mario Gaia

At World Geothermal Congress in Melbourne, April 19-24, the General Consul Marco Maria Cerbo met Mario Gaia, Turboden Founder & Honorary Chairman. The meeting theme has been: The clean energies.

Turboden to supply three ORC units for CSP plants in Italy in 2015

The first no-hybridized CSP plant developed in Italy after the introduction of the incentive policy in 2008, is going to be installed in Sardinia by CEIF Soc. Coop. by summer 2015. The core of this 600 kWe plant is a Turboden 6 HR. Other two solar plants will follow: a 1 MWel plant developed by Archimede Srl in Sicily using a high efficiency Turboden 12 HRS and a second 600 kWel plant to be built in Sardinia by the end of 2015.
After the first prototype installed in Perth in the early 1980’s, these three ORC turbogenerators make Turboden a leader in the small scale CSP market.

Picture: SolarGIS © 2015 GeoModel Solar

Renewable Energy World reports how “fantastic” are Turboden ORC systems.

The international press network about renewable energy, Renewable Energy World, interviewed Mr. Niebling, Policy Committee Chairman at Biomass Thermal Energy Council (BTEC), who stated to be enthusiastic of Organic Rankine Cycle Technology.

“ORC technology is very sophisticated. It reports a market need that all renewable energy technologies are addressing: distributed generation.”

Turboden Combined Heat and Power units (CHP) can produce both electric power and heat by exploiting unused biomass and waste heat.
With about 300 plants, Turboden ORC cogenerative modules are 240 worldwide, with an overall capacity to date of 269 MW electric.

Turboden CHP units can be applied also in a pellet production process, that involves considerable electric energy consumption as well as thermal energy.
The cogeneration, which is carried out with wood residuals that are not compatible with pellet production, such as branches and bark, is a solution that can reduce any impact on the environment, thus minimising the so-called grey energy of the production process. Furthermore, pellet production plants with a cogeneration system can significantly reduce production costs.

Turboden ORC units are selected thanks to the proven track record of efficiency, reliability, ease of operation and low maintenance costs.

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