Turboden Webinar

It is now available on demand Turboden first webinar, entitled “Waste heat: free fuel for efficiency improvement in Oil & Gas industry”. Watch it now for free!

Turboden Webinar

Turboden is pleased to announce its first webinar, entitled “Waste heat: free fuel for efficiency improvement in Oil & Gas industry”, which is held on 26th June at 3 p.m. London (10 a.m. New York). Register now for free!

Recent award of a contract in Western Australia

Morton Seed and Grain operate a large oat mill in Wagin, Western Australia. The oat mill is a large consumer of energy, with significant electricity and LPG costs. Over the past two years Regenerate Industries has worked with its client, Morton Seed and Grain, to access government funding and to evaluate a range of bioenergy solutions. With the goal to maximise efficiency and reduce operating costs with flexible and proven technologies, a Turboden 6-HR ORC turbogenerator and a biomass water boiler were selected to use the mill by-product (husk) to produce electricity and steam for the process. The proposed facility will convert between 6,000 and 10,000 tonnes of oat husk per year.
This contract represents a return to Australia for Turboden after more than 30 years, having installed their first ORC turbogenerator, a 40 kWe prototype for a solar plant, in Perth in the early 1980’s.
The Turboden ORC unit, fed with saturated steam instead of the traditional thermal oil, will be used at part load (60-80%) most of the time for a couple of years, taking advantage of its ability to follow variable loads and retain high part load efficiency (e.g. at 50% load, around 90% of the nominal load efficiency).
The expected completion date is March 2015, with estimated project value of about AU$3.8 Million.
When installed, the configuration has the potential to set the mould for sustainable production of heat and power from biomass resources.
Turboden is present in Australia through Carlo Minini, resident Sales Area Manager, and the Australian partner Pacific Heat and Power Pty Ltd.

Bioenergy Australia Quarterly meeting

Turboden attends Bioenergy Australia quarterly meeting, where Carlo Minini speaks to the attendees about the ORC technology, Turboden’s extensive experience in biomass and waste-to-energy projects and the recent award of a contract for a 600 kWe biomass unit in Western Australia.

Other themes discussed during the meeting are:
• General update form ARENA - Australian Renewable Energy Agency
• Review of the Bioenergy Australia 2013 conference and plans for 2014
• The Role of Bioenergy in Moving Beyond Zero Emissions with a focus on Biomass Waste to build regional economies in South Australia
• Biomass feedstocks for the Energy Markets
• Developments in the Bioenergy Industry

Among the 40+ participants:
• Zero Waste South Australia
• The Climate Group
• Dept. of Economic Development, Tasmania
• CEFC - Clean Energy Finance Corporation
• CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation)
• ICN - Industry Capability Network
• IT Power Australia
• Leaf Energy
• Transpacific Industries Group

Thanks to Bioenergy Australia for this opportunity!

Turboden launches the new Service Tool 16.7

Turboden is pleased to announce the launch of the 16.7 call center service, a new tool with which customers can receive assistance for a longer period and especially during the weekends and public holidays *. In particular, the service aims to guarantee remote support to guide customers towards the resolution of the problems. The Service Engineers available help customers during the restart of the turbogenerator or during analysis and reading of alarms, in order to reduce as much as possible the plant shutdown and loss of production of electrical energy. Turboden 16.7 is a service reserved for more than 200 customers who already have an active maintenance contract.

Customers who want to activate the new service, they can write an email to or to or sending directly to Turboden the following format.

P.S. Special conditions will be applied for customers who join before 30.11.2013. Your prompt order of the service in fact will allow us to structure quickly an adequate Team.

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